General Physics

The table below list some concepts introduced in introductory physics text books, and the equations associated with these concepts.

Fluid Mechanics:

Bernoulli's equation: P + ρgh + ½ρv2 = constant.

Kinetic Theory:

Ideal gas law: PV = nRT = NkBT
Kinetic theory: PV = (2/3)N(m<v2>/2)
Avg. kinetic energy: <KE> = (3/2)kBT

Temperature and Heat:

Linear expansion: Δl = αlΔT.
Volume expansion: ΔV = βVΔT
Thermal conductivity: ΔQ/Δt = -kA ΔT/Δx
Specific heat capacity: c = ΔQ/(mΔT)
Wien's law: λmax(nm) = 3*106/T(K).
Stefan-Boltzmann law: Radiated power = σ * T4 * Area.


First law of thermodynamics: ΔU = ΔQ - ΔW
Carnot cycle: Q1/T1 = Q2/T2
Efficiency of a heat engine: e = W/Qhigh = (Qhigh - Qlow)/Qhigh
COP of refrigerator: COP = Qlow/(-W) = Qlow/(Qhigh - Qlow)
COP of heat pump: COP = Qhigh/(-W) = Qhigh/(Qhigh - Qlow)
Change in entropy: ΔS = ∫if dS = ∫if dQr/T,  dS = dQ/T