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   Physics 250,  Modern Physics   

Summer 2012   

Modern Physics focuses on the exciting developments in physics during the 20th century.  It is a map of the reality of the world around us on the microscopic scale.  In this course students explore the world of atoms, nuclei, and elementary particles.  The course uses a textbook and interactive, web-based class modules.  Lectures, demonstrations, experiments and computer simulation are part of the course.  Attendance is required.
The course carries 4 semester hours of credit.  Scores on homework assignments, lab reports, exams, extra credit assignments and in-class activities determine a studentís final grade.  Students having a mathematical background in high-school algebra and trigonometry and having taken a high-school physics or physical science course can successfully complete the course.  Emphasis is placed on conceptual understanding.  Topics covered include the behavior of light, the essential features of quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular structure, the conduction of electricity in solids, nuclear physics, and elementary particle physics.