Physics 513,  Problems in Theoretical Physics I, Fall 2023

Physics 513 is a Web-based physics course for first-year graduate students at UTK.  The physical concepts, principles, and relations introduced in introductory and junior/senior-level physics classes are reviewed as students analyze and solve simple and advanced physics problems.  Many of the problems to be analyzed and solved involve multiple core physics concepts.  Physics 513 uses Web-based class modules.  It is a three-hour course.  Registered students meet once each week online for in-class discussions.  Students must complete a weekly homework assignment.


Marianne Breinig (Physics)
Office: 202 Nielsen Physics Bldg.
Office Hours: MW 2 pm - 3 pm and by appointment, face-to-face or online
Phone: (865) 974-7842

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Class Structure:

Discussion schedule

Homework assignments:

Homework assignments are based on the material covered in the Web-based modules and in the textbook.  Students are expected to submit the assignments associated with each module on time.  Assignments are submitted on Canvas  They should be typed or or legibly handwritten.  There are 11 homework assignments with 5 problems each.
Assignment schedule


There will be one take-home exam during the week Oct 16 - 22, and a final take-home exam  during the week Dec 1 - Dec 8.  The exams are based on the material covered in the Web-based modules and the reading assignments.


Each exam is worth a maximum of 40 points.  The homework assignments are worth a maximum of 100 points.  In-class participation is worth 20 points.

180 and above    90% and above    A
174 - 179 87% - 89% A-
166 - 173 83% - 86% B+
160 - 165 80% - 82% B
154 - 159 77% - 79% B-
146 - 153 73% - 76% C+
140 - 145 70% - 72% C
120 - 139 60% - 69% D


Special announcements appear on Canvas. 

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