Module 2: Ray Optics

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Students will learn how to use matrix method to the study optical systems using the first order theory.

Web Material:


Ray Optics using Matrices

bulletRay Tracing using Matrices  (Jan 21)
bulletRay Tracing Example Problems  (Jan 26)



Matrix Methods for Lenses

bulletA single lens  (Jan 28)

Additional Material:  Chartier, chapter 3.4,  Moeller, chapter 1,8

bulletConjugate Planes  (Jan 28)
bulletRefracting Systems  (Jan 28)

Additional Material:  Chartier, chapter 3.54, annex 3A



Matrix methods for Mirrors

bulletMirrors  (Feb 2)
bulletPrisms  (Feb 2)

Additional Material:  Moeller, chapters 1,9, 1.10,  Chartier, annex 3B

bullet Problems  (Feb 4)
bullet Aberrations  (Feb 9)

Additional Material:  Moeller, chapter 11