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You are expected to read Web-based laboratory write-up prior to coming to the laboratory.  You should also prepare yourself by reviewing the relevant material covered in class and by thinking about the objectives of each part of the experiment.  You may write your lab report during the lab period.  You must hand it in no later than the Wednesday following the lab period.

Please read the notes about Laser Safety, Equipment Care, and Cleaning Optics.

Laboratory: Date:
Lab 1:  Reflection and Refraction January 21/22
Lab 2:  Laser Beam Expanders January 28/29
Lab 3:  Ray tracing with OSLO February 4/5
Lab 4:  Aberrations February 11/12
Lab 5:  Telescopes and Microscopes February 18/19
Lab 6:  Diffraction patterns February 25/26
Lab 7:  Twyman-Green interferometer March 4/5
Lab 8:  Coherence and Lasers March 11/12
Lab 9:  An Optical Processor March 24/25
Lab 10:  Polarization and Birefringence April 1/2
Lab 11:  Projects April 8/9
Lab 12:  Projects April 15/16
Lab 13:  Projects April 22/23

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