Module 5: Interference, Diffraction

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Students will study the phenomena and the mathematics of interference and diffraction.  They will become familiar with optical instruments based on these phenomena.  Students will be able to describe the essential features of a LASER.  They will understand a laser as an electromagnetic oscillator which combines light amplification with feedback.  Students will be able to describe the characteristics of several laser system, such as He-Ne lasers and diode lasers.  Students are expected to study the material presented in the textbook and the Web material.

Web Material:

bulletDiffraction  (Mar 2)

Diffraction summary


bulletInterference  (Mar 4)

Interference summary


bulletInterferometers  (Mar 4) 

Additional Material:  Chartier, chapters 6


bulletCoherence  (Mar 9)

Additional Material:  Chartier, chapters 12


bulletLasers  (Mar 11)

Laser Systems