Module 6:  Image Processing

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Students will gain a physical understanding of optical processing. They will learn how manipulation of the pattern in the frequency plane affects the image in the image plane.  Students are expected to study the material presented in the textbook and the Web material.

Web Material:

bulletFourier Transform Optics  (March 23)
bulletOptical Processing  (March 25)

Additional Material:  Chartier, chapter 7.6


bulletTransfer Function  (March 30)
bulletDigital Image Processing  (March 30)

Additional Material:

Excel files (Excel 2007 and higher on a Windows OPC) discussed in the modules

[For the spreadsheets to work the "Add-Ins" Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak-VBA have to be installed and checked.  The spreadsheet contains macros for the FFT and the inverse FFT.  If macros are enabled, you can just click the appropriate button to calculate the FFT and the inverse FFT. If the macros do not run on your computer, click Tools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor.  In the editor check that funcres.xla, procdb.xla, and atpvbaen.xla are loaded.  Click Tools, Preferences, and browse for the missing files on your hard disk.  You should find them in a directory with a name similar C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Library\Analysis.]

MATLAB files (Extract and copy to your MATLAB folder)