Assignments must be handed in on time.  They can be handed in via email or deposited into the instructors mailbox.  They should be typed or or legibly handwritten.  The solution to each problem should addresses the following points:

Most important hint for solving problems successfully:  Read the question!
Make sure you fully understand the scope of the problem and the conditions imposed.  Explore if approximations are reasonable or even required by the wording of the problem.

Assignments: Due date: Solutions:
Assignment 0 28-Jan Assignment 0
Assignment 1 4-Feb Assignment 1
Assignment 2 11-Feb Assignment 2
Assignment 3 18-Feb Assignment 3
Assignment 4 25-Feb Assignment 4
Assignment 5 3-Mar Assignment 5
Assignment 6 10-Mar Assignment 6
Assignment 7 24-Mar Assignment 7
Assignment 8 31-Mar Assignment 8
Assignment 9 7-Apr Assignment 9
Assignment 10 14-Apr Assignment 10
Assignment 11 21-Apr Assignment 11

The homework assignments determine 50% of your grade for this class.  Please work them carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck.  You are encouraged to discuss the problem with other students, but then you have to produce your own solution to the problem.  Copied solutions will not receive credit.